FRIOS Algipore. Natural bone remodeling.

Natural bone regeneration: The purely vegetable-based FRIOS Algipore yields reliable results for building up a new bone framework. FRIOS Algipore is highly analogous to natural bone. This is because it is derived from high-porosity, biological calcium carbonate in marine algae containing a high percentage of calcium. Pure nature for reliable and stable formation of new bone.

FRIOS Algipore. Effective therapy.

19 years of clinical experience speaks for itself – FRIOS Algipore has been successfully established since 1988. The outstanding volume stability – the result of the slow resorption of the material – is the deciding factor. The various particle sizes allow customized dosage appropriate to the indication. Mixed with blood and optionally with autologous bone chips, FRIOS Algipore improves healing.

FRIOS Algipore – Simply Practical
Perfectly Matched to FRIOS Instruments.

Το Frios-Algipore διατίθεται στις συσκευασίες:

  • 0.5 ml (μέγεθος κόκκου 0,3-0,5mm)
  • 1ml   (μέγεθος κόκκου 0,5-1mm)
  • 2ml  (μέγεθος κόκκου 1-2mm)